Gik Live!, the young team that has revolutionized the sacred industry of wine

The startup that markets what’s known as “the blue wine” already reaches more than 30 countries worldwide

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With the only resources they got along the way and thanks to a unique product, the young brains at Gik Live! have conquered more than 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia. 500.000 are the bottles they have sold in these three years and five were the young boys that founded the company.

It took two years of in-dept research, closely collaborating with several leading technological institutes within the food industry, until this startup launched the 100% organic beverage already known as the blue wine onto the market. A sweet and fresh taste and the vibrant Indigo colour are the main characteristics of Gik Blue, aimed to create an accessible drink for all young people between 18 and 70 years old.

Why innovate in wine industry when they had so many different options more used to change? “It’s easy”, they say, “it was the most traditional industry we could find in our country”. Tired of the wine culture they’d been exposed to in Spain, where people care more about what they’ve learned about wine instead of actually enjoying it, their goal is simple: to have people sit and sip. Classified as a chilled, sweet wine with 11% ABV, it’s made from a mixture of both red and white grapes that are turned blue thanks to a technological pigmentation process that combines a pigment of the skin of red grapes and a pigment that comes from a flower.

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Only suitable for open-minded people

Nevertheless, criticism and skepticism didn’t take long to arrive, as the purists of the industry have even called it “a blasphemy” and “a terrible invention”. “There was even a winery that told us that Gik Blue was not a wine, but a drink for faggots and ignorant people”, they state. “We believe there must be a place for everything, specially when it is an innovation that can bring the industry closer to young people”.

For happiness of many and incredulity of some others, it seems like this young team still has a lot to say and show.

Aritz López


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Gik can be paired with whatever you want, but it tastes specially good when combined with music. Pour yourself a big blue wine glass and enjoy our playlists.

Turn the volume up! And invite your neighbours to join so they don’t care 😏