Gik Pink



  • Made with real unicorns in an undisclosed location
  • No unicorn is harmed during the production process
  • 12% alcohol.
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Gik Pink

Nothing is impossible

Gik Pink is a pink wine created by two oenologists, partners and also husband and wife, who have created a magical wine that brings happiness and optimism to their small winery in Navarra, Spain. The secret of this drink is an actual unicorn that Tere and Javi keep in a secret location. It is well know that unicorns have the power to transform unexciting days into wonderful days.

To turn regular days into wonderful days

Fill your events with joy, smiles and looks. Gik Pink is perfect for meetings, whether they are big parties, or just enjoying the company of your significant other.

Gik Pink is also perfect to give as a gift to someone dear and to brighten the day along with a cuddle. Whether it’s your soulmate, your sister or your BFF, you can enjoy this rosé wine wherever you please: from the comfort of your couch or from your favorite corner of the world.

The pinkest rosé

Gik Pink is an authentic pink rosé that will add the magic touch to any party. The shiny sparkles are so magical that it is hard to believe they are natural – but they are!

The pink colour is also a sign of security and personality. Don’t be shy – proudly enjoy a glass of the pinkest rosé, either with friends or at home.

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