Hot spicy wine



  • Made with Grenache red grapes in the depths of hell
  • This peppery hot wine is suited for experienced wine drinkers
  • Without chemical preservatives, artificial oils or extracts
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Hot spicy wine

Only for the bravest

We are introducing the hottest and spiciest wine that humanity has dared to create. Each bottle of hot wine is a burning shell that contains more than a quarter pound of fresh habaneros.

If you like spicy food, try our spicy red wine. We promise you an unforgettable experience.

With grapes from Aragon

High temperatures of 43,6ºC (110ºF) are no match for the vigorous grapes being harvested in the fields of Aragon. Our piquant wines are made from red grenache grapes grown in the Spanish region of Aragon.

All the ingredients are natural. Our spicy wine contains no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. Everything has been cultivated, harvested, grown and processed organically.

Bastarde spicy wine


hamburger with Bastarde spicy wine

Try the fiery wine with …

There are many experts regarding pairing wine with spicy food. And no one better than Gik Live UK to recommend food that pair with a spicy wine.

We have researched a lot and the conclusion is clear: BBQ ribs, beef burgers… the is something simply wonderful about combining hot wine with bloody dishes.

About the serving temperature, our suggestion is to drink hot wine at room temperature, just like any other red wine.

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