Tasting Box



  • Includes one bottle of each variety
  • Why choose one if you can have them all?
  • Let hard decisions be just for vital matters
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Tasting Box

Choosing was never so easy

Life is a travel full of difficult decisions: everyday’s outfit, what to have for lunch, to stay home or to go out, which Gik Live! wine to taste first… We didn’t want to be part of these hard choices anymore, so we launched the Tasting Box. Place an order of this six bottle pack and get one bottle of each variety 😋

Let’s start from the beginning

Inspired by the Blue Ocean Strategy, we created Gik Blue to shake things up a little in a traditional industry such as wine’s.

That’s why while drinking Gik Blue, you’re drinking the power to create your own rules. Thus, we are not trying to impose a way of drinking it. We will not tell you how pair it, where or when to have it. We do not require you to enroll in a tasting course or force you to study the bible oenology. Just enjoy it.

A blue ocean turned pink

Then, with the aim of extending optimism throughout the whole world, Gik Pink was born. The secret of this drink is an actual process that the two oenologists that produce it keep in a secret location. It is well know that this secret process has the power to transform unexciting days into wonderful days.

A trip into every sip

We created the London, Tokyo and Delhi Blends with the aim of sharing the gastrocultural heritage of these countries with the whole world. Food should be like a trip. Thus, our wines are intended to envelop the senses in a truly epicurean cultural experience.

A quick journey to hell

We are introducing the hottest and spiciest wine that humanity has dared to create. Each bottle of hot wine is a burning shell that contains more than a quarter pound of fresh habaneros.

If you like spicy food, try our spicy red wine. We promise you an unforgettable experience.

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